Home Insurance What is private medical insurance and how does it work?

What is private medical insurance and how does it work?

What is private medical insurance and how does it work?
What is private medical insurance and how does it work?

Private medical insurance is something that can be taken out in addition to your NHS or National Health Service. There are a number of benefits of doing so.

So what is the National Health Service?

The National Health Service is a publicly funded body which assures quality healthcare for all citizens of the United Kingdom. The NHS was established back in the year’48 as a result of a healthcare bill passed in the year’43. This service runs on three simple principles.

Health care will be provided not on the basis of ability to pay, but based on clinical need. Secondly, it must be accessible to all. And thirdly, it must be free at the point of contact with the patient. This means that the public is taxed for it, but they do not need to pay for it when receiving treatment.

Private medical insurance is something that was devised as an alternative to the National Health Service. This is because of a number of reasons.

The large immigrant population of the United Kingdom cannot have access to the National Health Service until they become legal tax payers. And these people need quality health care, hence the need for private medical insurance. There is also another class of people who need the private medical insurance. These are the affluent of society who cannot afford to spend time on the government sponsored system.

The private medical insurance can make things hassle free and less time consuming. And then this is also a good addition to the National Health Service. You can claim for reimbursement from any of the two depending on your needs. And often even if you do not get treatment from a private practitioner, you will still be given a payout by the private medical insurance company.

The private health insurance companies will send you to private doctors and hospitals which are not under the National Health Service. The experience and treatment may well be of a far higher quality.

However, there are certain health conditions which are not covered by private medical insurance. This includes HIV/AIDS, self inflicted injuries, normal pregnancy, sex changes operations, cosmetic surgery, infertility and injuries sustained due to dangerous jobs or hobbies. But you will be covered if you have not taken any sort of treatment for a dangerous disease for the past five years even after confirmation of existence of the disease. Make sure you read the fine print carefully before making a commitment.

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