Home Finance How to pay off credit card debt faster?

How to pay off credit card debt faster?

How to pay off credit card debt faster?
How to pay off credit card debt faster?

As technology has drastically improved, the banking sector has benefited from it a great deal. Customers can now access their accounts while sitting at home. This allows them to keep a check on their transactions (credit card debt) by viewing their e-statements rather than having to wait for their paper statement.

The new statements which were introduced now enable you with the below:

  1. The summary of the credit card account gives a clear picture of where you stand in terms of the amount owed to the lender. These sections show where the transactions have been made, the fees and the interest being charged upon that amount and the total amount of credit that has been used and the balance amount left.
  2. The new statement also provides you with the payment information chart. This piece of information guides you regarding how much time it will take to pay the current balance off.

The development and the changes made to the statements could now trigger a move within you to pay off your credit card debt as soon as possible. Below are the strategies which you could use so that the balance amount is paid within the least possible time frame.

Categorize the credit card debt

If you have more than one credit card then you need to decide which debt you are going to pay off first. The important factor which should be considered is which lender is charging you with a higher interest rate.

The debt which has a higher interest should be chosen to pay off first. This would save you money and also help you from getting rid of the most expensive debt first. After the first debt has been paid, you can categorize which debt you wish to pay off the second.

Maximize your payments

The new statements provide you with the information regarding the monthly minimum payment which needs to be paid first. This strategy rather than asking for a higher payment make sure that at least a certain amount of the debt is being paid each month. However, one should not go by this approach and always try to maximize their payments. The reason is that if you pay the maximum each month, you would be able to pay off your debt faster and also accumulate less interest. Often what most people do is that they make the least possible payments which are a disadvantage for them as the interest payment keeps on rising along with the principal amount.

Consolidate your credit card debt

When you apply for debt consolidation, this would then make it easier for you to make your payments. The reason is that now you would be able to pay your payments quicker with a low-interest amount being charged on your credit availed.

Maintain a budget

Most people go wrong after taking a credit card by not maintain a budget. The reason for is that when you have money available on your hands if you do not keep a proper track of where you are spending then you are most likely to incur expenses that are not required. Therefore, it’s recommended that you maintain a budget each month and list down the most necessary transactions which have to be made each month. This would help in minimizing your expenses and also decrease credit being piled up.


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