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Fair tax for free people

Fair tax for free people
Fair tax for free people

The absolute fair tax on all the free people in the world is zero tax. Who does the emperor tax, his own, or the stranger? If you are paying no taxes, you are free, for what that may be worth. When you pay tax, you are not free; you are someone’s part-time servant. You are incorporated in a system of exploitation and dominance through threat of force and force itself. You may be willing to kill or die in an effort to become free and be called a patriot.

You are likely deceiving yourself to say you are fighting and dying to remain free or to keep others free or to free others, for freedom is taxed by the freedom providers. The freeman is commanded to serve those in corporate bondage. But he still may be called patriot by many. In Islamic, Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, we are assured we owe a tax. In many cases, it is a nominal 10% increase. That is, if we invest a hundred dollars of savings in a venture for profit and we earn a thousand dollars total from that investment, we owe $90. However, Scripture encourages us to be more generous in our giving.

The most important aspect of this system of public finance is that it limits public finance. The second most important thing is that the taxpayer determines exactly what his fair tax will be used for, or at least who it will be used for. What a novel idea! The control of giving is the control of public service. Who has ever heard of such a thing? Many tithers of all faiths declare that benefits accrue to the tither; benefits which can seldom be measured in dollars. Simple things like love, health, and happiness. Many tithers tithe to local need, city, state, and national expense, even though they exercise little control over most of it, which is the crux of the problem.

Those who pay, relinquish all control of the use of the gift. Those who claim to be professional servants do all this hard work for the givers. The givers are now obliged to watch the people they are paying to watch out for us all. If the giver takes this responsibility seriously, she is double taxed in money and time. Way too much to pay for the service offered!

Simply a bad bargain. Many will ask how the government will be financed if free people pay no tax. The answer is corporate tax. Consider that both government and corporations are artificial creations to accumulate capital and political power, which derives from the people who support them. Corporations finance the political candidates of their choosing. Governments ensure corporate growth and reward supportive corporations through the regulatory process. Everyone wins except those who are not artificial creations-the people to whom corporations and governments pander for validation and economic support.

Since the corporate government has all the economic and political power, it is reasonable they should bear all the associated costs. A straight ten percent tax on the gross profits of every corporation that does business within the United States is a reasonable expense for the maintenance and growth of the existing power structure. It handicaps neither foreign nor domestic corporations. The corporation that cannot afford ten percent in support of its competitive advantage over individuals and unincorporated partnerships deserves to fail. It is wasting a golden profit opportunity.

When the real people are forced to support the corporate governance, which returns only a percentage of this support in selected benefits to segments of society, it easily divides the society to impotency and has done so. It puts real people at an economic disadvantage relative to artificial creation. It would matter not to me which corporations are lining up at the public feed trough for contracts, legislation and favors if they were supplying all the feed. If it matters to you which corporations are feeding, write your representatives as you do now.

Corporate government has virtually unlimited credit with which to compete with free people; a tremendous economic advantage in the marketplace. But corporate governance is fear-driven. What if the credit advantage is not enough to support the monopoly and dominion? To further discourage meaningful competition from real people, they impoverish the people by taxing them and exporting their work. The taxpayer responds that no matter what the odds, no matter how the deck is stacked, they want to play the game.

The corporate government grows like cancer it is. Cancers are never cured by ignoring them. They are cured or controlled by restricting or removing them from the environments they require. Frauds such as income taxes are not promoted because the corporate government needs the money. Who needs money with unlimited credit? The corporate government wants the information the taxpayer supplies.

The paperwork tells them more about the taxpayer and society in general than torture and interrogation ever could. It certainly reveals far more than media polls. The public servant is saying; “How can I possibly serve you except I know the details of your life?” I say; you would serve me best if you would go home and watch TV. I don’t want you to know as much about me as I know about you – which is very little. The fair is fair. If you are working for me as you claim to be, you show me your life details and mine are none of your business.

Which of today’s candidates for public service are publishing their income tax returns? How can I choose a servant if I don’t know the things many tax returns will tell me? Turn about is fair play. If citizens wanted fairness and honesty, they would insist upon it and accept no substitute. They don’t and they don’t. When they are truly struggling to live, as billions now do around the world, they might; but certainly not before then.


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