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Budgeting tips for single mothers

Budgeting tips for single mothers
Budgeting tips for single mothers

Financial hardships faced by single mothers are much more intricate and difficult. Hence, a budget is much needed to keep their finances on track. However, there are very few articles on the web on this topic as compared to the generic ones. Hence, let me point out few budgeting tips for single mothers.


An effective budget is an outcome of efficient planning. Hence, it’s very important to plan how’s, what’s, and why’s of your budget. A budget cannot be made in an instant. An individual has to first analyze several things like income sources and amount, daily expenditures, recurring costs, etc. Keeping all these things in mind an outlay of budget is Budgeting tips for single mothers created, which is finalized after few trials.

Set Priority

Budgeting is all about prioritizing. Single mothers must ensure that their basic and important needs are taken care of and well planned in the budget. A plan that prevents an individual from the most important things isn’t a budget. Things like proper diet for her children, proper education, utility bills, etc., must be necessarily included in the budget. These things should always come first before other things.

The envelope method

Financially smart individuals use envelopes to manage their finances. Their paycheck is divided into various categories like utility bills, food, grocery, shopping, etc. and the money required to manage these expenses goes directly into the respective envelopes. Money spent to pay electricity bill must be taken out from ‘utility’ envelope and funds to purchase clothes must be withdrawn from ‘shopping’ envelope. If money in the envelope proves to be insufficient, probably you need to revise your budget. However, make sure you don’t take out money from an envelope for expenses other than what is assigned to the individual.

Savings as budgeting tips

Your budget must necessarily involve saving every month. Being the only parent of your child, it’s important to have some money for emergency matters. If you don’t encounter any emergencies, remember your child will need money for his/her future. You can start will as low as $10 every month. However, make sure you try to increase the amount every month and use it only during emergencies. This is one of the most important budgeting tips for single mothers.

Do not delay

Procrastination restricts budgeting. And the more you delay, the more you will feel like delaying. And it goes on. Hence, plan and design your budget today without any procrastination.

These budgeting tips might help you to create an effective budget, if not a perfect one. However, having a budget is more important.


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