Best debt reduction tips for everyone

    Best debt reduction tips for everyone
    Best debt reduction tips for everyone

    Why Is It So Easy To Get Into Debt?

    It is because debt is now a socially acceptable term. Getting a credit card is very convenient, and loans are available quickly. Besides, spending is fun, even if we don’t earn enough to repay credit card loan.

    Most people don’t like the idea of getting out of debt or taking the pains to reduce it. However, we have to eventually do it, when we are buried under debt till our nose, and every phone call we receive is from some or the other bank.

    However, times our tough, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage our expenses. Many of us don’t even have jobs. If you are a bit concerned about your loan repayment, and credit score, here are few debt management tips that you would love.

    Write it Down

    until you don’t have things in writing, the idea is still vague. Get a journal, write down how much you owe, and think debt reduction tipsabout ways you can repay it. Seeing it every time in front of you will motivate you to repay.

    Focus on quick debt repayment

    Even if it means delaying the purchase of your new car for a year or two. The experience of being debt free is simply enjoyable. Why do you want to delay it? Get started today. Keep saving and repaying.

    Earn More

    It’s not really necessary to watch TV every evening for four hours. Instead, you can take up a part-time job, earn extra dollars and repay your debt. If jobs aren’t available, try to have a home based business.

    Throw Away Your Cards

    A better option is to cut it into tiny pieces. Apart from having the freedom of swiping it everywhere and buying few things, most cards are nothing but debt generators. Most of our debt comprises of mortgage and credit card payment. We can’t do much about mortgages, but credit cards can be thrown right away.

    Constant Motivation

    After reading around 20 debt reduction articles in a day, you would be all charged up to repay your debt. But as soon as you realize it’s not as simple as reading articles, your energies would shrink. Have constant motivation by talking about it to your spouse, reading things regularly, consulting a debt expert, and so on.

    Take Charge of debt

    You can either sit back and keep taking creditors’ calls, or you can stand up and start repaying them one by one. The choice you make would determine your financial condition in future. It’s your money, stop complaining, take charge of it.

    Realize the Problem

    Credit card, initially when you take it, is a boon. However, no provider will keep lending you till the end of your life, not even your family would do that. Borrowing is always a problem. If you are not able to repay it, you can lose all your assets including your house.

    Interest Can Make Your Life Hell

    If you don’t pay your debt for a longer time, interest you owe on your debt can exceed the debt amount. Compound interest is good if you are an investor, but it’s worse when you owe money. It can literally make your life hell.

    Manage Small Expenses

    Spending few bucks, say going out for a movie, wouldn’t make you poor. But if you look at the big picture, we are talking about thousands and thousands of dollars. Eating out with your family once a week, and having a $5 latte every day can really be a big expense.Pay More Than Minimum Payments
    By making minimum payments every month, you simply let card providers earn ut of your misery. This option may be convenient for you, but companies earn a lot from you on interest. In long term, you are the one who loses.

    You Don’t Have to Keep Up With The Jones

    Let you neighbor buy a new car or go out for dinner every night. You don’t have to do it. What would you prefer? A miserable retirement or a comfortable one?


    Call up all your debtors and ask for settlement. Tell them you sincerely wouldn’t be able to pay the full amount. But instead of filing for bankruptcy and giving nothing, you are trying to repay debt slowly. Ask them to waive of some charges or some part of your debt.

    Trim your Bills

    Cutting down bills, though not easy, is much effective. If you aren’t able to find a part-time job to repay your debts, it’s not an end. You can cut down your expenses considerably, and repay your loans gradually.

    Sell Useless Things

    If you have accumulated debt by buying stuffs through credit card, I am sure you must have bought many items that now lay unused and useless. Instead of throwing them away or giving it away as charity, you can sell them on eBay or through garage sale.


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