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To quote Michael Douglas in his flick Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps, “the generation is the NINJA generation – No Income, No Job, No Assets.” We would like add an ‘S’ to it, which would mean No Savings too. But then, you can’t blame the generation, money has come to them at a very young age and that too very easily. Lack of proper financial guidance coupled with a lifestyle that encourages more spending than saving has elevated the concerns of parents and guardians alike who can foresee an insecure future of their children.

The parents can now heave a sigh of relief. moneyandfinances.info has come to the rescue.

MoneyandFinances is designed to guide individuals and corporates to successfully achieve their financial goals. A team of experienced financial professionals provides highly-researched and time-tested information that keeps you abreast with latest financial developments. This expert knowledge helps you hugely to make strategic financial decisions that help you secure your present and your future.

Today, MoneyandFinances s is followed by many people across the world to earn, manage and invest money. Its well-researched articles ranging from personal finance to corporate finance, from budgeting to allocating, from investment banking to stock investing, have become regular references for people who are slowly but surely learning the importance of the money.

Not to mention, MoneyandFinances is also the most trusted resource of seasoned professionals, who are looking for diligent financial information that may positively reinforce their crucial opinions and decisions.