ABC of credit card processing

    ABC of credit card processing
    ABC of credit card processing

    A credit card is basically a plastic card with a magnetic strip on it, which stores all the data in it. It is used by users to buy products/goods and give their utility bills. The main advantage of it is that you take the product in advance and they will cut it from your credit card with a process. Most people don’t know how the credit card processing works behind it, on which it works.

    Many people have credit cards and they just know for what purpose it is used and how to swipe the card for the use. Some of the people also know how all transactions are being done and what is the process behind?


    With the rapid growth in technology Credit cards is now being used in every shop, hotels, etc. Because of the technology, most people use the internet and by using the internet they get awareness about the credit cards and they are becoming very popular.


    To run ever thing you must need software. Like if you want to run your laptop the windows installed in the laptop is a software to use the laptop. The same is the case with credit cards. There is software for credit card processing and credit card processing machines, which are normally seen in the shops. The processing equipment has to verify the data before any transaction.

    It uses secure validation software for it which ensures safe transfers of credit card information to one point to another. After all the processing is done then the credit card bills are generated. The bills are then sent to the people who have used this facility at their postal addresses through couriers.


    Most people are afraid of using credit cards because they say fraud can be easily done through these cards. If you know any other personal information you can activate the accounts. So it’s not easy to use any others card. Your all information is available with the bank and these banks have very strict policies. They cannot give your information to anyone else.

    They can’t use your information and cant fraud with you it’s totally impossible. All your data save in the bank is confidential. The banks guarantee you that all your information with us is secure and will not be used anywhere else without your own permission. It’s the responsibility of the owner of the card that he protects his own card and avoid from loss of the card.


    The credit card is issued by the bank and it’s the bank’s responsibility that it secures your data from others. In the processing phase, different agencies and different service providers put their conscious efforts for the processing of the transactions. One person cannot do it and it’s impossible for him to manage and maintain all the data of so many users of a credit card.

    Like if you buy something from the internet means online buying, there are a number of participants involved in it to make a transaction. These are the customer, the merchant, payment gateway, credit card interchange, customer credit card issuer, and the banks of both the buyer and the seller. So these all participants are involved in any e-commerce buying.


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