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5 Personal Budgeting Myths

Personal Budgeting Myths
Personal Budgeting Myths

For many, budgeting means suffering. Not actually, because it’s a myth. And there are many such myths people believe when it comes to personal budgeting. More than myth, I guess these are excuses of not having a budget. Let’s have a look at other such myths.

Personal budgeting is suffering

And how is that? In fact, you are always on a budget, whether or not you have planned it. However, the current budget is not saving you any dollars and not helping you in any way. Budget isn’t suffering. In fact, it is an end to your suffering as it helps you to avoid being buried under debts, save for more important things, and be independent.

Budgets are for poor people

This is another misconception people have. They believe budgets are adopted by people who are facing some financial problems or essentially poor people. It is farthest from truth. Budgets are for everyone. Even the richest person on earth has a budget.

Personal budgeting involves lot of paperwork and wastes time

This is more of a fear than a myth. People generally don’t like spending a few minutes towards their budget. With time, this laziness turns into fear. And to be precise, it isn’t waste of time, it is an investment.

Budget will deprive you

Budget doesn’t mean spending very little or making oneself feel guilty of every purchase. The main purpose of having a budget is trying to save little every month. And this doesn’t necessarily mean being deprived.

I don’t need a budget for my survival

You don’t need a spouse as well for your survival. And many other things except food, water, and air. Would you give up everything? And budget isn’t as difficult as you think. Once you get started, it’s very simple to go on. And you will start liking it as soon as you see your money is being saved. Hence, only the start is difficult.

Budgets would never harm people. All it will endow you with is benefit, financial benefit.


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